Necessary preliminary remark: Perpetrators are not only those who murdered themselves, but also those who – knowing the consequences – were involved in the planning and organization of the murder actions. Therefore, biographies of „desk offenders“ from the tops of the occupying administration in the Galicia district and in the Generalgouvernement as well as sporadically from the tops of the ministries in Berlin are presented here, as far as they had direct influence on the course of the Holocaust in Galicia. These masterminds behind the scenes have often succeeded in presenting themselves as apolitical experts, whitewashing themselves and making a career in post-war Germany. Without their cooperation, the plundering of the occupied territories, the forced labor of Ukrainians, Poles and Jews, and the Holocaust could not have taken place in this way. If one ignores these armchair perpetrators at the higher levels of civil administration, one gets the impression that the Holocaust was carried out only by brutal, fanatical SS men: nothing is more wrong!

The short biographies do not show a comprehensive picture of a single personality and its actions, but convey an initial idea of the character and actions of the person. They throw a spotlight on the actors in the Holocaust and thus on the Holocaust itself. More detailed biographies are planned for individual persons at a later date.

Bentz, Alfred, Prof. Dr.: petroleum geologist; steering function in oil industry  short biography Alfred Bentz
Heinisch, Ernst: SS, camp commander DG IV; Janowska  short biography Ernst Heinisch
Losacker, Ludwig, Dr.: SS, SD; Chief Officer Galicia district  short biography Ludwig Losacker
Schönbach, Roman: SS, camps Janowska, Boryslaw and Drohobycz  short biography Roman Schoenbach
Sobotta, Hans: SS; camp commander DG IV; ZAL Boryslaw and Drohobycz  short biography Hans Sobotta